About Us

The name Random Order fills us with curiousity! Born out of multiple brainstorming sessions, it is a name that defines this talented group of artists, brought together by their undying love for music.

Honing his musical abilities, Ajay Bijli finally fulfilled his longtime dream of forming a band. The band came together and connected over their shared love for the yesteryears. From lyricism to musicality, their inspiration comes from an admiration for the era gone by. The band aims to induce the audience with a feeling of nostalgia and fill them with love for music.

Ajay Bijli

Lead Vocalist
The man who made Random Order possible. It is his passion and admiration for music that brought together all the members.

Suyash Gabriel

His love for music stems from the diverse range of melodies he was exposed to as a child. He has shared the stage with many brilliant musicians and has toured internationally and nationally.

Shashvat Pandit

A versatile player who can fit into most styles of contemporary music. He has also recorded and released multiple albums.

Gaurav Balani

The Bassist
He was keen on working with the band because of the genre of music they played. Nobody in the circuit offered the same repertoire and skills that the band brought to the table.

Adityan Nair

An essential part of the band; as the background vocalist, he believes in adding an extra embellishment to the songs they play.

Archit Anand

Keyboard Player
Trained in classical music, he finds satisfaction in connecting with his audience through music. His tunes beautifully compliments the tone of the band.

Kabir Uppal

Growing up with Indian classical roots while simultaneously listening to the pop, punk, and drumming styles of Travis Barker and Tre Cool, helped him in developing a hybrid technique of playing.

Together the band is creating magic through music!

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